The HSAF will NOT pursue information on the history of American Freemasonry for several reasons: Freemasonry remains a major organization with more than 1 million members in the US alone; it has over 90 US governing grand lodges (“mainstream” and Prince Hall); and there are over 40 American state and local Masonic museums and libraries. Furthermore, there are several regional and national Masonic-supported museums and the libraries; and there is already a Wiki-based website dedicated to Freemasonry “Masonic Genealogy.”

Over the last 300 years more than 50,000 book, countless papers, exhibitions, films documentaries, dissertation, website and all forms of other media has examined the history and philosophy of Freemasonry. For these reasons, and others, the HSAF sees no reasons to expend any resources into competing with, or duplicating, the work of other institutions.

The HSAF will not seek, ask, or accept financial assistance from a Masonic or Masonic-related organization

To learn more about Freemasonry here are links to several pages of resources:

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